Can I be penalized for using my cell phone while driving?

Cell phones have become an item that we use consistently every day. With the rise of smartphones, there are endless ways to contact someone and to search the internet. Social media usage has encouraged more use of smartphones across various platforms that allow individuals to interact with one another. During today’s time, it is safe to say people rely on their phones now more than ever. People have even been known to grow addicted to using their smartphones. With the rise of cell phone usage, it is important to remember there are inappropriate times to use them. When driving, individuals should refrain from using their cell phones. Bluetooth devices and updated car technology have made it possible for drivers to avoid picking up their cell phone and sifting through it to find what they are looking for. This technology has allowed individuals to call a friend without having to look down at their cell phone while driving.

By using your phone while driving, you are taking your eyes away from the road. This can lead to accidents and serious injuries. Only a few seconds off your eyes of the road can have serious consequences. Whether you fail to brake and rear end a car or miss someone crossing the street, you are prone to distractions and causing an accident to occur. It is important to refrain from using your phone to ensure not only the safety of yourself and your passengers, but all others on the road.

What penalties may I face?

In the state of New Jersey, individuals can face various fines when charged with using their cell phone while driving. This traffic violation may lead to varying fines depending on the number of times you have been charged with this violation. For a first offense, drivers may face a fine between $200 to $400. For a second offense, there may be a fine from $400 to $600. A third or subsequent offense may cause a fine between $600 to $800. Also, this can cause you to be charged with three points on your driving record. With points on your license, you may face more consequences, such as increased insurances rates.

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