What are the consequences for cell phone violations?

What are the consequences for cell phone violations?

New Jersey and other states across the country are working to crack down on one of the most serious traffic violations to plague our roads; using a cell phone and driving. Under that umbrella is texting and driving, Snapchatting and driving, Google Maps and driving, and more. Nowadays, people don’t seem to be able to put their phone down, even to drive five minutes down the road.

The state of New Jersey has severe penalties for those who violate the cell phone laws. A first offense driver will face a fine ranging from $200 to $400. Second time offenders will face a fine that ranges between $400 and $600. Third or subsequent offenders face fines of $600 to $800, as well as three points added to your license. When points are added to your license, the cost of your monthly insurance payments will likely increase.

The use of a cellphone while driving has been noted to be six times more dangerous than those who choose to drink and drive. Drinking and driving still has far more serious penalties associated with it than texting and driving does. It will be interesting to see how cell phone violations change and become stricter as time goes on and more cell phone related accidents occur. Today, many cars and cell phones have hands-free capabilities that should eliminate this problem altogether even though they do not.

If you have been charged with a cell phone violation in New Jersey, you may want to speak with an experienced traffic defense attorney who can assist you in fighting these charges.

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