Driving Without a License in New Jersey


Driving Without a License in New Jersey

There are laws a driver needs to follow on the road, under all circumstances. When an individual breaks these laws, they can be pulled over by a law enforcement officer and ticketed for a traffic violation. These violations may include speeding, reckless driving, driving with a cell phone, driving while intoxicated, and more. There are several different penalties that may come with a traffic violation: fines, jail time, and even getting your license revoked. If an individual breaks the laws of the road a few too many times, they may have their license taken away from them.

When an individual gets their license taken away, it is illegal for them to drive at all. While this may be true, some people still get behind the wheel even though they no longer have a driver’s license. It is also illegal for an individual who has never been issued a license in the first place to drive a vehicle. The state of New Jersey takes this offense very seriously and is working hard to keep unlicensed drivers off the road in order to ensure the safety of all other drivers. While New Jersey courts are slightly more forgiving of those who never had a license, they are strict in punishing those who chose to drive despite having their license revoked. If you have been charged with driving without a license, it is important to seek an experienced attorney who can help your case.

Penalties of Driving Without a License

All drivers are required to have a license before hitting the road. This is to ensure the safety of all others on the road. Everyone knows that it is necessary to have a license, but some people still choose to violate this law. If an individual is found driving a vehicle without a license, they may be subject to certain penalties depending on the circumstances surrounding the charge. New Jersey’s driving regulations are governed by the law known as the N.J.S.A. 39:3-40. This law defines the penalties for those caught driving without a license.

For an individual’s first offense, they may be charged a $500 fine with an additional license suspension of up to 6 months. For their second offense, they may be given a $750 fine, an extended license suspension of up to 6 more months, and potential jail time up to 5 days. If an individual is found driving without a license for the third time or more, they may face a $1000 fine, an additional license suspension for up to 6 months, and possible jail time up to 10 days.

These penalties may increase depending on the severity of the circumstances. If an individual driving without a license injures another person, they may face imprisonment between 45 and 180 days. If the driver is caught without a license due to a DUI, they may face additional license revocation for 1 to 2 years as well as the possibility of up to 90 days in jail. This may also include state surcharges of $250 every year for 3 years.

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