How can a reckless driving charge affect me?

How can a reckless driving charge affect me?

As humans, we are constantly traveling from place to place. Whether we are commuting to work or visiting friends and family, driving a motor vehicle is a convenient way to get from place to place. When driving, we do not have to rely on public transportation, such as buses or trains. Being able to drive is something that we are granted with upon passing a drivers test at a specific age. With this in mind, not everyone is allowed to drive. Only those who have passed a test and have shown they can operate a vehicle efficiently and safely can drive. However, drivers may become less careful over the years or as they drive on their own. This can cause them to violate traffic laws. When drivers violate certain traffic laws, they may face a reckless driving charge.

What can lead to a reckless driving charge?

Individuals may be charged with a reckless driving violation due to a few reasons. These instances include driving under the influence, excessive speeding and willfully damaging property. Reckless driving is defined as operating a vehicle dangerously and without care for others on the road. All of these scenarios can lead to vehicle accidents, which can greatly affect the lives of other drivers on the road. When someone drives recklessly they are not only putting themselves in danger but every other driver and passenger in a motor vehicle that they are sharing the road with.

What penalties result from a reckless driving charge?

When individuals are charged with a reckless driving violation and are found guilty, they may face a few different options regarding their punishment. Drivers could be given five points on their driving record. This could lead to increased insurance premiums. Also, drivers could face imprisonment up to 60 days and a fine up to $200. In some situations, individuals may even face license suspension. This can greatly impact someone’s lifestyle.

If drivers are caught driving recklessly for the second time, they may face even harsher consequences. This can result in fines up to $500 and imprisonment up to 90 days. They may also face possible license suspension. With these cases, the penalties can greatly differ depending on each case. To ensure your life is not altered due to the consequences you may face, you should acquire an attorney to represent you. This may help to diminish any penalties.

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