Increase in Legal Technology Innovations Leads to Increased Patent Filing

Increase in Legal Technology Innovations Leads to Increased Patent Filing

The Patent Filing Boom

Thomson Reuters reports that there has been a 484% increase in the number of patents filed for new legal services technology, around the world.  This increase is an all-time high since 2012.  In 2012 patents filed were just a mere 99.  In 2016 alone, there were 579 patents related to new legal services technology.

Changes in the Legal Sector Are Driving The Need for Innovative Technology

To stay abreast with changes in the legal sector, and to maintain a steady pace with competition in the field, law firms are adopting new technologies and processes.  Many law firms are investing in cutting edge technology, such as matter management analytics software and client management software.  The different types of software can help to streamline processes and reduce overall operating costs, which is why they have become so appealing.  Since new innovative technology can result in a reduction of a law firm’s cost, new technology is being developed specifically to increase efficiency and implement low costs in a market that is increasingly competitive.

Are You Working on New Legal Technology?

With the apparent boom in legal innovations, it is important that you understand your rights with any technology or technology processes you may be creating.  Consulting with an experienced patent attorney can help you through the confusing patent process and get you great results.

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