Is It Illegal to Drive With Snow On Your Vehicle?

Is It Illegal to Drive With Snow On Your Vehicle?

While it may be nice to wake up to a fresh layer of snow on your lawn during the winter, it can be a hassle in terms of driving. Not only is it a pain to remove from your car due to the cold, but sometimes there just simply isn’t time to get rid of the snow on your vehicle before you need to leave. However, this could land you in trouble. Keep reading to learn more about snow laws in New Jersey and how a Bergen County, NJ traffic ticket attorney can help you beat the charges.

Why Do You Need to Remove the Snow on Your Vehicle?

Failure to remove snow from all surfaces of your vehicle before driving is dangerous for you and other motorists. Loose snow or ice on your windshield and windows can obstruct your view, reducing your visibility. This could result in the failure to identify hazards on the road, which can lead to accidents and collisions.

Also, snow on the top of your car can pose a hazard to other drivers. If the snow or ice from the roof of your vehicle becomes dislodged, this could hit another car. Not only can this obstruct their view, but it could also cause damage, depending on how fast you were traveling.

What Penalties Could I Face?

Though it does not seem severe, failure to clear the snow off your car before driving can result in a fine. If caught with snow on your vehicle, you can face a $25 fine and $75 for each subsequent charge.

However, if the snow or ice from your vehicle causes damage, you can expect to face a fine between $200 to $1,000. This does not include the cost of a personal injury lawsuit if the other driver is harmed due to your negligence. A claim can be expensive, as you’ll need the guidance of a lawyer.

Similarly, commercial trucks can face stricter laws, as more snow and ice often accumulate on their roof. They can face fines between $500-$1,000, even if no damage occurs.

Do You Need a Lawyer?

If charged with damaging another person’s property or sued for personal injury due to snow or ice from your vehicle, ensuring you have a competent attorney to represent you is essential. Similarly, you may be falsely fined even after removing snow from your car, making an attorney’s guidance paramount. These charges can add up and place a permanent stain on your record.

When you need assistance, ensuring you reach out to The Law Offices of Richard E. Novack, LLC is crucial. We can help represent you and fight for the best possible outcome for your circumstances.