Terms of New Jersey Copyright Protection

Terms of New Jersey Copyright Protection

When an individual creates some sort of intellectual property, whether it is a song, a film, or some other tangible medium, they may want to know what they can do to protect it from being misused or stolen by others. It is important to ensure the protection of one’s intellectual property by registering with the United States Copyright Office.

How do I obtain a copyright?

In order for an individual to obtain a copyright, which is also referred to as the “circle C,” they will have to give the United States Copyright Office a copy of the material. As soon as the Copyright Office reviews and approves the material, they will keep it in the Library of Congress and will be granted the copyright notice.

Any material that is copyrighted after January 1, 1978, the material is protected for 70 years after the creator passes away. All material that was created before January 1, 1978, is protected for life plus at least 70 years, depending on the authorship. In some cases, it can be life plus 120 years.

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