Amazon registers trademark to threaten Blue Apron

Amazon registers trademark; threatens Blue Apron

One of the trendiest moves in the food industry in recent years are companies that prepare your meals and send them to your doorstep so you can cook them. Another trend seen nearly every day is one in which Amazon gets itself into a new market. Here, the two collide.

Amazon has taken a leap into the meal preparation delivery market as news has come out that the company has registered a trademark indicating so. Amazon’s new trademarked phrase is “We do the prep. You be the chef.” Amazon already has a grocery section and is notorious for its two-day shipping so it is really only a surprise that they didn’t do this sooner. Not only that, Amazon also just recently purchased Whole Foods, so don’t be surprised if you soon get organic meals delivered to your doorstep.

It also wouldn’t be a surprise if Amazon came up with other intellectual property relating to the meal delivery service to out-do all the other companies in the industry such as Blue Apron and Home Chef.

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