What is a traffic violation?

When drivers are on the road, they should make sure they are paying attention to what is going on around them. This should be focused on the things happening on the road. Drivers should be aware of other drivers and pedestrians. They should not be distracted by something in their car. By focusing on theRead More

Do I need insurance for my business?

Business can start with a single idea that an individual has. From there, it may turn into a very lucrative ordeal that they can run. In order to do this, they need to file the proper documents, get business insurance, acquire a property to run their business on and hire employees. This can all beRead More

What is the point system for?

Drivers have rules to follow while they are traveling on the road. They must have a drivers license to legally be able to drive. In addition to that, they need to have their cars registered and properly insured. These drivers must also follow basic traffic laws to ensure they are operating their motor vehicle inRead More

Is a DWI a traffic violation?

Driving while intoxicated is a serious offense. Although it is considered to be a traffic violation, it can have serious consequences for individuals who continuously are charged with this violation. They can face serious penalties if they continue to drive after consuming alcohol. Alcohol has the ability to impair our motor skills, which directly relatesRead More

What is trade secret protection?

When companies have certain secrets that they wish to protect from the public, they can do so. They can use certain intellectual property rights to protect their possessions. When these companies wish to legalize a trade secret, it can protect them from use or abuse by others. In order to make something a trade secret,Read More

What process can I use to secure my IP?

Intellectual property is something that may not be physical, making it hard to protect. Individuals may be unsure of how to protect this property or if it can even be protected. If they believe they have something worthy of protecting, they can approach an attorney for a consultation. By explaining their idea or concept, itRead More