How can I resolve intellectual property disputes?

When individuals are involved in situations where their intellectual property is being used and abused by another party, they may be able to solve it without entering court. There are processes involved in dispute resolution that can be beneficial for these individuals. With these processes, they may be able to avoid the time-consuming nature ofRead More

What content is able to acquire a patent?

Patents are available to protect people’s intellectual property. With this protection in place, people’s ideas and concepts can be owned by them. There are a few different patents that can be acquired to prove ownership and provide protection for an individual’s concept. The three types of patents that people can acquire are utility patents, designRead More

How can I be affected by a DWI charge?

The state of New Jersey is strict on individuals who have been charged with driving while intoxicated. The seriousness of this offense can be seen through the harsh consequences that can follow. For individuals that are 21 years of age or older, their blood alcohol content cannot exceed 0.08%. Although some people may believe theyRead More

How can a speeding ticket affect me?

How can a speeding ticket affect me? On a regular basis, drivers are on the road and police are monitoring their safety. Every day we take our cars to get to where we need to go. When accidents occur, the first thing we do is call the police for assistance. Our driving can affect everyoneRead More

What is a copyright?

What is a copyright? Through a copyright protection, your intellectual property can be protected. With a copyright protection for your idea, it grants exclusive rights to the creator or the assignee of the property to publish, perform, film, print or record the registered concept. After you are granted this copyright protection, the process is notRead More

What is a patent?

What is a patent? Intellectual property is not a physical possession, but that does not mean it cannot be owned. When individuals come up with ideas and new products, they want to protect their creation. It can seem difficult to protect something that isn’t a tangible item. However, there are intellectual property laws that canRead More

How can arbitration benefit me?

How can arbitration benefit me? By going through arbitration, opposing parties may be able to come to an agreement. This process is binding and confidential. Through arbitration, a panel of attorneys will be present. These attorneys will be highly skilled in the area that is being handled for this case. The attorneys, known as theRead More