How Can I Enforce My Copyright?

How Can I Enforce My Copyright?

When you pour your soul into creating a work, it’s imperative to take the steps to protect it from unauthorized use. As such, understanding how to enforce copyright rights is critical, as your work is likely your livelihood. That’s why it’s imperative to know how to respond if you discover that someone has used your work without your consent. If you’re experiencing issues with your copyright, it’s imperative to enlist the assistance of a Bergen County, NJ copyrights attorney. The following blog explores what you must know about these circumstances.

What Can I Do to Enforce My Copyright?

If you create a work, it’s imperative to register your work with the United States Copyright Office. It is not required to register your work, as all creations receive certain protections under the law upon their completion. However, this step is necessary if you wish to pursue legal action against someone who has violated your rights as a creator.

In the event your work is not registered and someone violates your rights, you can register the work at any time. However, you may have an easier time recovering compensation if your work was registered shortly after its creation.

If you wish to avoid a lawsuit, you can send a cease and desist letter. This explains that you are the owner of the copyright and formally ask them to take down your work. However, if the thief has profited off your work, such as selling your digital art on tee-shirts, you may consider suing to recover compensation since they received financial gain.

Am I Able to Pursue Compensation for Violations?

If you wish to pursue compensation for a copyright violation against your work, it’s important to understand that you are entitled to seek justice, especially if you suffered economically as a result of the infringement. As such, you can enforce your copyright rights through a lawsuit if you do not wish to send a cease and desist letter. However, it’s critical to ensure you have an experienced lawyer to guide you through this process.

In the event you wish to file a claim, you’ll want to collect as much evidence as possible. Be sure to include screenshots or photographs of the infringement and how many copies of your work they’ve sold if you can find this information. Similarly, you’ll want to show proof of your ownership of the work. This includes registration with the copyright office or the original files you created. Additionally, if you sent a cease and desist letter to the individual, you can attach a copy of the correspondence.

Unfortunately, navigating copyright laws can be incredibly complex. That’s why it’s essential to connect with an experienced intellectual property attorney from the Law Offices of Richard E. Novak, LLC. Our dedicated team understands how frustrating it can be to discover that someone else is using and profiting off of your work. As such, our team will do everything possible to assist you through these challenging times. Contact us today to learn more.