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Speeding violations come with various fines and penalties. Law enforcement in New Jersey actively pursues drivers who unlawfully break the speed limit, issuing tickets to reflect these infractions. If you are issued a speeding ticket in the state of New Jersey, you have a lot to consider. You could face a ticket with points between 2 and 5 points, depending on your violation.

Reckless Driving

Most traffic tickets are minor infractions that come with relatively significant fines and the possibility of points issued to one’s driving record impacting insurance premiums. In some cases, a person driving a car unlawfully may be issued a reckless driving ticket when they egregiously violate the laws of the road. Some factors, including driving under the influence, excess speeding, and wantonly putting others at risk can lead to a reckless driving ticket.

Cell Phone Violation

Driving while using electronic devices without the assistance of hands-free technology is against the law in New Jersey. Cell phones are an integral part of our lives because they have become powerful pieces of technology. Cell phones have the ability to not only make calls, they can email, text, direct you to locations, play video games, surf the internet and much more.

Driving Without A License

You need to have a current license to drive a car. Driving without a license or a suspended license remains illegal in every state in the country and New Jersey is no exception. Though it is known that this is the law, people continue to drive without a license. When a person is caught by law enforcement illegally operating a vehicle, they may be subject to large fines and potential jail time.

Will I Get Points for a New Jersey Traffic Violation?

NJSA Section Offense Points
27:23-29 Moving against traffic on the NJ Turnpike, GSP, or Atlantic City Expressway 2
27:23-29 Improper Passing on the NJ Turnpike, GSP, or Atlantic City Expressway 4
27:23-29 Unlawful use of median strip on the NJ Turnpike, GSP, or Atlantic City Expressway 2
39:3-20 Operating a construction vehicle at more than 45 mph 3
39:4-14.3 Operating a motorized bike on a restricted highway 2
39:4-14.3d Operating a motorized bicycle with more than one person 2
39:4-35 Failure to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk 2
39:4-36 Passing a vehicle yielding to a pedestrian in a crosswalk 2
39:4-41 Driving through a safety zone 2
39:4-52 Racing on a highway 5
39:4-55 Improper action or omission on grades and curves 2
39:4-57 Failure to observe the direction of an officer 2
39:4-66 Failure to stop vehicle before crossing sidewalk 2
39:4-66.1 Failure to yield to pedestrians or vehicles while entering/exiting highway 2
39:4-66.2 Driving on public or private property to avoid a traffic sign or signal 2
39:4-71 Operating a motor vehicle on a sidewalk 2
39:4-80 Failure to obey the direction of an officer 2
39:4-81 Failure to observe traffic signals (except red light camera violations) 2
39:4-82 Failure to keep right 2
39:4-82.1 Improper operation of a vehicle on divided highway or divider 2
39:4-83 Failure to keep right at an intersection 2
39:4-84 Failure to pass to the right of a vehicle that is proceeding in the opposite direction 5
39:4-85 Improper passing on the right or off the roadway 4
39:4-85.1 Driving the wrong way on a one-way street 2
39:4-86 Improper passing in a no-passing zone 4
39:4-87 Failure to yield to overtaking vehicle 2
39:4:88 Failure to observe traffic lanes 2
39:4-89 Tailgaiting 5
39:4-90 Failure to yield at intersection 2
39:4-90.1 Failure to use proper entrances to limited access highways 2
39:4-91-92 Failure to yield to emergency vehicles 2
39:4-96 Reckless driving 5
39:4-97 Careless Driving 2
39:4-97a Destruction of agricultural or recreational property 2
39:4-97.1 Slow speed blocking traffic 2
39:4-97.2 Driving in an unsafe manner 4
39:4-98 Driving 1-14 mph over the speed limit 2
39:4-98 Driving 15-29 mph over the speed limit 4
39:4-98 Driving 30 mph or more over the speed limit 5
39:4-105 Failure to stop for a traffic light 2
39:4-115 Improper turn at traffic light 3
39:4-119 Failure to stop at a flashing red light 2
39:4-122 Failure to stop for police whistle 2
39:4-123 Improper right or left turn 3
39:4-124 Improper turn from approved turning course 3
39:4-125 Improper U-turn 3
39:4-126 Failure to give proper signal 2
39:4-127 Improper backing or turning in street 2
39:4-127.1 Improper crossing of railroad grade crossing 2
39:4-127.2 Improper crossing of bridge 2
39:4-128 Improper crossing of railroad grade crossing by certain vehicles 2
39:4-128.1 Improper passing of a school bus 5
39:4-128.4 Improper passing of a frozen dessert truck 4
39:4-129 Leaving the scene of an accident with no injuries 2
39:4-129 Leaving the scene of an accident with injuries 8
39:4-144 Failure to observe stop signs or yield signs 2
39:5C-1 Racing on a highway 5
39:5D-4 Moving violation committed out of state 2