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Driving while using electronic devices without the assistance of hands-free technology is against the law in New Jersey. Cell phones are an integral part of our lives because they have become powerful pieces of technology. Cell phones have the ability to not only make calls, they can email, text, direct you to locations, play video games, surf the internet and much more. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, when people use cell phones without the assistance of hands-free technology, they are 6 times more dangerous than those who drive under the influence of alcohol. In response to these studies, law enforcement has taken a harder stance against illegal cell phone use on the roads of New Jersey. When a person is caught using a cell phone unlawfully, they may be issued a ticket for a cell phone violation. These tickets come with significant financial consequences and the possibility of points to your driving record. If you need to fight a cell phone ticket in New Jersey, it is in your best interests to contact an attorney with the experience you deserve. The Law Offices of Richard E. Novak, LLC has over 25 years of experience fighting traffic tickets in the state of New Jersey. If you need quality legal support, contact our firm for a consultation.

Cell Phone Violation Penalties

Cell phone violation penalties have escalated since they became an infraction in New Jersey. If you are issued a cell phone violation, you face the following consequences:

  • First offense- Fine between $200 and $400
  • Second offense- Fine between $400 and $600
  • Third or subsequent offense- $600 and $800, 3-points to your driving record

If you are convicted of a third or subsequent cell phone violation, your insurance premiums may be impacted. In some extreme cases of repeat offenses, at the discretion of the judge hearing your case, you could face a license suspension.

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Cell phone tickets have significant consequences. Fighting the ticket can help avoid the overwhelming fines, points, and impact to insurance premiums. The Law Offices of Richard E. Novak, LLC has over 25 years of experience defending NJ clients facing all traffic violations. Through those years, we have successfully fought countless cell phone tickets for clients in New Jersey. If you need quality legal support from an effective and passionate attorney, contact The Law Offices of Richard E. Novak, LLC for a consultation today. Our firm is ready to assess your situation and explore all legal means to avoid a conviction. To know more about our services, contact our firm for a consultation today.