Penalties of a DWI for Commercial Drivers

Penalties of a DWI for Commercial Drivers

Anyone who drives under the influence of alcohol is going to be subject to serious consequences. Those penalties tend to be more severe when the individual driving has a commercial driver’s license. This is true even when the driver is operating a passenger vehicle under the influence of alcohol. Before getting into consequences, is important to note that the legal BAC limit for commercial driver’s license holders is only 0.04 percent, as opposed to 0.08 percent for everyone else.

A first offense CDL DUI in a passenger vehicle may result in the following penalties:

  • Passenger driver’s license suspension for 3 to 12 months
  • Commercial driver’s license suspension for 1 year
  • Other fines associated with a DUI

A second offense CDL DUI in a passenger vehicle results in a permanent revocation of a commercial driver’s license as well as a license suspension for a passenger driver’s license for two years.

If the individual gets a first offense DUI while operating the commercial vehicle that transports hazardous waste materials, they will lose their commercial driver’s license for 3 years. A second offense will result in the permanent revocation of the driver’s CDL.

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