USMA Takes on Local Liquor Store

USMA Takes on Local Liquor Store

The United States Military Academy at West Point has brought a trademark case against a liquor store in the town over for using its Black Knights trademark. Army West Point’s mascot is the Black Knights, which is seen branded all over the school’s athletic wear. The trademark is held by the Department of the Army.

Not only did the liquor store call itself Black Nights Wine & Spirits, it also has a wooden cutout of a West Point cadet wearing the uniform they are required to wear to Army football games. If it hadn’t been for the trademark infringement, this would be a great selling point for the store because Army West Point football games bring in thousands of people from across the country to the small towns surrounding West Point.

West Point’s administration sent four cease and desist letters to the wine store before the store owners conceded and changed their name to Good Nights Wine and Spirit. The cease and desist letters not only state trademark infringement, but also that the liquor store went against the Army’s policies on alcohol use and it did not want the store to damage USMA’s prestigious reputation.

The administration at West Point has been sending cease and desist letters to the liquor store for over the last year.

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