What are the Consequences of a Reckless Driving Ticket in New Jersey?

What are the Consequences of a Reckless Driving Ticket in New Jersey?

When you get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, you should remember that you are also in control of a potentially deadly weapon. So many motorists today either do not consider this, or simply do not care. Everywhere you look, people are checking their phones, weaving in and out of traffic, or eating their breakfast while they drive. In today’s world, a responsible motorist has to be alert at all times, constantly anticipating an accident just to stay out of harm’s way. Sometimes, not even this is enough. However, you can play your part by consciously being a driver who does not contribute to the problem and concentrates on the road at all times. 

While distracted driving is perhaps our country’s biggest problem, DUI’s are certainly a close second. Many people think it is okay to get behind the wheel of a car after drinking or using drugs. Rather obviously, this is not the case. Nobody can safely operate a piece of machinery after having their abilities impaired by drug or alcohol use. Most people know not to do any of these things while driving, however, they are often caught doing them anyway. This is why if you find yourself in a situation where you are charged with a reckless driving offense, you must hire an experienced attorney who will fight to mitigate your charges, or, in some cases, have them dropped altogether.

What are the potential penalties for a first-offense reckless driving ticket in New Jersey?

The state of New Jersey legally recognizes reckless driving as a violation performed by a driver that willfully and wantonly disregards the rights and safety of other drivers in a way that endangers people or property. Some specific situations that may constitute a reckless driving ticket include excessively speeding, DUI’s, and wilfully damaging property.

  • 5-points on your driving record
  • Imprisonment up to 60 days
  • A fine up to $200
  • License suspension

What are the consequences of a second reckless driving offense in New Jersey?

If you are charged with a second reckless driving offense, the state of New Jersey will treat you as a repeat offender. You can expect your insurance premiums to rise, as well as deal with the following consequences:

  • Fines up to $500
  • Imprisonment up to 90 days
  • License suspension

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