What are the Penalties for a New Jersey Drug DWI?

What are the Penalties for a New Jersey Drug DWI?

While most people think DWI’s are only issued to people who were driving while intoxicated with alcohol, the truth is, DWI’s can be issued to anyone driving under the influence of any substance that impairs their ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. If you have been charged with a drug DWI in New Jersey, here are some of the questions you may have regarding the penalties you may face:

What are the consequences of a first-offense drug DWI?

New Jersey courts take drug-related offenses very seriously, and if a drug offense is combined with a traffic violation, the consequences are severe. If this is your first-offense drug DWI in the state of New Jersey, you can expect the following penalties:

  • Up to 30 days of jail time
  • 7 to 12-month-long license suspension
  • $1,000 surcharge every year for 3 years
  • $100 fee for the Alcohol Education and Rehabilitation Fund
  • $100 Drunk Driving Fund fee
  • $75 Neighborhood Services Fund fee
  • $300-$500 fine
  • 12-48 hours in the Intoxicated Driver Resource Center and applicable fees
  • Potential installation and use of an ignition interlock device

What are the penalties for a second-offense drug DWI?

If this is your second offense within 10 years, the New Jersey courts will now treat you as a repeat offender. Here are some of the consequences you may face:

  • $500-$1000 fine
  • Between 48 hours and 90 days of jail time
  • 30 days of mandatory community service, though if the offense took place in a school zone, 60 days of mandatory community service
  • 2-year license suspension
  • Mandatory installation and use of an ignition interlock device for up to 3 years after license restoration
  • Additional fees and fines

What happens if I get a third or subsequent drug DWI offense?

If this is your third or subsequent offense, you must act now by hiring an experienced attorney who may be able to keep you out of jail. Jail time on your record may prevent you from getting certain jobs, renting certain homes, attending certain schools, and more. Here are some of the penalties you may face:

  • $1000 fine
  • Up to 180 days in jail
  • 10-year license suspension
  • Additional fines and fees
  • Mandatory participation in the Intoxicated Drivers Resource Center
  • Mandatory installation and use of an Ignition Interlock Device

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