What is reckless driving?

What is reckless driving?

Reckless driving in the state of New Jersey is a serious offense that should not be taken lightly. Any person who is charged with a reckless driving offense is facing harsh penalties which are much more severe than the average speeding ticket that you may be issued for driving too fast on New Jersey’s roads.

The consequences for a first-offense reckless driving infraction can result in not just a license suspension, but also a maximum fine of $200, up to 60 days behind bars, and the addition of 5 points on your driving record, which is sure to increase your insurance premiums. In the event that you receive a reckless driving ticket for a second or subsequent time, the fines will increase to a maximum of $500, up to 90 days of imprisonment, and a license suspension.

Combination offenses are commonly seen when someone is caught driving recklessly. This means that a person was not only driving in excess of 40 miles over the speed limit, but they also may have been driving under the influence, or some other criminal offense. This will result in a DWI charge in combination with the reckless driving ticket you will receive. In a situation such a this, you will be required to retain the services of an experienced attorney who can help try and fight the charges and lessen some of your consequences.

New Jersey is cracking down on dangerous drivers to protect the lives of the other people on the road from being seriously injured or killed. Your best bet is not to drive dangerously on New Jersey’s roads but if it happens and you find yourself in trouble, contact the Law Offices of Richard E. Novak to discuss your case.

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