What process can I use to secure my IP?

Intellectual property is something that may not be physical, making it hard to protect. Individuals may be unsure of how to protect this property or if it can even be protected. If they believe they have something worthy of protecting, they can approach an attorney for a consultation. By explaining their idea or concept, it can give a better idea of how it can be protected and if it should. In order to protect this property, there are certain procedures someone can follow. Instead of entering into litigation with another party, they can consider using alternative dispute resolutions. Through these processes, you can work with an attorney that can encourage you to cooperate with another party in order to resolve your issue. With this process, you may be able to avoid litigation, which can be beneficial in the long run. Litigation may be more time-consuming and cause more attorney fees that can become overwhelming for someone financially. Two processes to consider for alternative dispute resolutions are arbitration and mediation.

Arbitration is a binding process that is confidential to the parties that are involved in this process. This process can help parties involved to avoid entering court with one another. Instead, they will be advised by a panel of attorneys about the issue they are arguing over. These attorneys will be experienced with vast knowledge in the field that is being called into question and will act as arbitrators that hear both sides of the case thoroughly. Once all has been said, the panel of attorneys will decide on the matter for the group. In conclusion, they will produce a decision that cannot be appealed. It is a binding decision for both parties.

Another process that can be done to resolve an issue is mediation. Mediation can also avoid a court case if both parties are willing to cooperate during the sessions. During mediation, both parties sit down with a neutral third party that serves as a mediator. They will discuss a possible outcome that satisfies both parties involved. The mediator does not take any evidence into consideration; they are just there to keep conversation civil and help guide both parties to a solution. A binding legal document will be drafted to ensure the conversation is made official. However, if either party is not content with the process, they can end mediation at any time.

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