Benefits of Federal Trademark Registration

What are Some Benefits of Federal Trademark Registration?

The first time an individual decides that they want to protect some of their intellectual property, such as a trademark, they may wonder whether they should bother getting their mark federally registered. It is important to note that while, no, intellectual property owners are not legally required to federally register their trademark, it is a good idea. The reason that it is a good idea to get a trademark federally registered is because this registration will provide the owner with common-law rights. Some of the benefits of the federal registration of a trademark include the following:

  • It gives the owner the exclusive rights to use their trademark throughout the entire country as well as U.S. territories
  • It is easier to enforce a federally registered trademark than it is to enforce one that is only registered in a certain area
  • The trademark will be listed in the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s database and will show up when other people search to make sure the mark doesn’t already exist

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