Can I Get a Hardship License in New Jersey?


Can I Get a Hardship License in New Jersey?

Law enforcement in the state of New Jersey works hard to keep the roads safe. It is because of this that individuals who violate the rules of the road can receive traffic violations. Sometimes, these violations can result in a person losing their driver’s license. This prohibits the individual from driving under any circumstances. When dealing with these situations, people often wonder if they can receive a hardship license. Continue reading below to learn more.

Why Would My License be Taken Away?

When a person commits a traffic violation, they can face certain consequences as a result of their actions. These can vary depending on the violation. However, some offenses as well as several repeat violations, can cause the driver to have their driver’s license suspended and their driving privileges revoked. This can impact a life in many ways, as the individual may no longer be able to drive to work, drive their kids to school, go grocery shopping, etc. While this can be extremely inconvenient, the system is in place to encourage drivers to not continue to commit other violations when they eventually are able to drive again.

Can I Get a Hardship License?

In certain states, when a person has their driver’s licenses suspended, they may qualify to receive a hardship license. This is a special license that can be allowed to drivers who have their license suspended so that they can continue to drive under certain circumstances. This includes driving to work so that they are able to still make a living during this time. 

While this license can be convenient for a driver facing these situations, this is not available for drivers in the state of New Jersey who had their licenses suspended or revoked. If a person has their license suspended or revoked, they are not able to drive under any circumstances. In the event that they are found violating the law again by continuing to drive anyway, they can face serious consequences as a result of their actions. This can include having a license revoked altogether. 

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