Challenging a NJ DWI

Challenging a NJ DWI

If you are arrested for a DWI in New Jersey, there are many avenues of defense to explore to fight the charges and free you of the consequences. By assessing the breath test evidence, field sobriety tests, and the facts of the case regarding one’s rights, an attorney can give his or her client the best chance of success in moving on from this mistake. Below are just some of the ways attorneys will defend clients facing such significant charges.

Challenging breath tests

The Alcotest 7110 is the device used to assess one’s blood alcohol content (BAC). There is protocol in the operation, calibration, and repair of this device. In some cases, assessing these matters can uncover evidence of a deviation from proper protocol, leaving the police’s evidence inadmissible.

Challenging field sobriety tests

In many DWI cases, field sobriety tests can prove decisive in one’s situation. There is a protocol as to the training of police officers and proper conduct of the tests themselves. When police are not trained adequately, conduct the test improperly, or ignore the health issues that impede a field sobriety test, an experienced attorney will scrutinize police procedures.

Assessing one’s rights

Illegal police stops are some of the most egregious violations of one’s rights when it comes to DWI. A police officer must have a reason to pull you over. When you are the subject of an illegal stop, the evidence against you should be inadmissible in court. An experienced attorney should be able to prove that and help you avoid the consequences.

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