Does New Jersey Offer Hardship Licenses?

Does New Jersey Offer Hardship Licenses?

If you lose your license, your life can be impacted in a number of major ways. For example, it may be especially difficult to get to and from work if you live somewhere that does not have an extensive public transportation system, which can hurt your ability to make a living. Read on to learn more about losing your license in New Jersey and about hardship licenses.

Why would my license be suspended?

When a person commits a traffic violation, they will face certain consequences as a result. These consequences can vary depending on the violation, as well as its severity. However, some more serious offenses, as well as repeat violations, can cause the driver to have his or her driver’s license suspended and therefore his driving privileges revoked. This can mean losing the ability to drive to and from work, drive your kids to school, go grocery shopping, etc. While this can be extremely inconvenient, this consequence is in place to discourage drivers from committing violations when they are able to drive again.

Does New Jersey offer hardship licenses?

In certain states, when a person has their driver’s license suspended, they may qualify to receive a hardship license. This is a special license that allows drivers who have their license suspended to continue to drive under very specific circumstances. For example, you may be able to drive only when going to and from work. Unfortunately, New Jersey does not offer hardship licenses. 

What will happen if I drive without a license?

Hardship licenses are not available for drivers in the state of New Jersey. This means that a person who has had their license suspended or revoked is not able to drive under any circumstances. If you continue to drive anyway, you will be driving with a suspended license. This is a serious crime, as it indicates that you have broken the law to lose your license in the first place, and are continuing to break the law by ignoring court orders. This can result in:

  • First offense: $500 fine, additional license suspension not to exceed 6 months
  • Second offense: $750 fine, additional license suspension not to exceed 6 months, imprisonment up to 5 days
  • Third and subsequent offense: $1000 fine, additional license suspension not to exceed 6 months, imprisonment for 10 days

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