Dram Shop Laws in Bergen County

What are the Dram Shop Laws in Bergen County, New Jersey?

New Jersey takes matters of public safety and intoxication very seriously. One law that seems to catch many by surprise is the New Jersey Licensed Alcoholic Beverage Server Fair Liability Act. Many states throughout the country have laws like this, and they are commonly referred to as Dram Shop Laws. If an establishment such as a restaurant, bar, or another location that serves alcohol knowingly serves an already intoxicated person more drinks, they can actually be held responsible for any damage that is caused by the customer.

Dram shop laws also cover individuals that are under the age of 21 and are not yet able to legally purchase or consume alcohol in New Jersey or anywhere in the United States. If an intoxicated individual or someone else becomes injured, or if property damage occurs, the server or the establishment in which they work can be sued for damages. This is true even if the individual who is injured is the intoxicated person themselves.

This law aims to hold establishments liable for valuing the safety of the general public over financial gain. If an establishment is found to violate liquor laws, they may even lose their license to serve alcohol. Therefore, it is better for a business to be safe than sorry.

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