Business Formation in New Jersey

Business Formation in New Jersey

Starting a new business is both an exciting and risky adventure. Therefore, it is important to gather all of the information possible about forming a business to make sure one is prepared for what they are about to get into. It is also essential to retain the services of an experienced business law attorney that can effectively guide an individual through the legal aspects of this new venture to ensure the business gets off on the right foot and is set up for success.

An effective attorney can help an individual determine what type of business form is best for them. Some of these options include the following:

  • Corporation
  • General Partnership
  • Limited Partnership
  • Limited Liability Company
  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Joint Venture

After making the first important decision of which business structure is best, it is crucial to ensure that all of the proper documents are filed. Some of these include Federal Tax ID acquisition, sales tax filings, and state or local licensing.

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