How can a speeding ticket affect me?

How can a speeding ticket affect me?

On a regular basis, drivers are on the road and police are monitoring their safety. Every day we take our cars to get to where we need to go. When accidents occur, the first thing we do is call the police for assistance. Our driving can affect everyone on the road and that is why the police monitor drivers. We pass speed limit signs all the time. Yet, we can sometimes ignore these rules. If we are late to work, we find ourselves pushing the limit and sometimes we may suffer the consequences. If you are given a traffic violation for speeding, you should learn more about the penalties you may face. Speeding violations may bring about a financial burden due to the various fines applied.

When you are charged with speeding and issued a ticket because of it, you may face fines, points on your license and the possibility of other surcharges. With these penalties, your insurance company may also increase your car insurance. This can lead to a buildup of bills. With all these bills, you may become financially overwhelmed.

What is the point system like in New Jersey?

For speeding charges in New Jersey, drivers may get points on their license. The higher the speed that you were going over the speed limit, the more points you may receive on your license. If you were speeding one to 14 miles per hour over the speed limit, you may face a two-point violation. With speeds 15 to 30 miles per hour over the limit, you may face a four-point violation. If that speed escalates to 30 or more miles per hour over the speed limit, you may face a five-point violation on your license.

Speeding tickets of an excess of 30 miles per hour over the limit may lead to a reckless driving charge. This can lead to even harsher penalties due to the increase in severity of the charge. If you accumulate six points or more on your license in a three-year period of time, you may be given an additional fee to pay. With 12 or more points on your license, you may face a suspension of your license.

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