I was caught using my cell phone while driving. What happens next?

I was caught using my cell phone while driving. What happens next?

As cell phones become more and more advanced, they become more present in our lives. With the introduction of smartphones, people became able to do more with their phones that they never could do before. Cell phones allow us to keep in contact with others every second of every day. We also have the ability to search the internet and use various applications for fun. Social media has grown with the upgrade of cell phones over the years. There are more ways to stay in touch with an audience. Phones can also provide useful information. They have information regarding the weather, directions to keep you from getting lost and can even account for traffic time when traveling. With all these distractions on our cell phones, it is important to remember there are times when we cannot use these devices. When operating a motor vehicle, cell phones should not be used unless it is through a hands-free technology system.

Over the years, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration collected data that has shown using your cell phone while driving is just as dangerous or even more dangerous than driving while under the influence of alcohol. Think about it. If you look down at your phone to read a text, that amount of time you spend looking at your phone draws your attention away from looking at the road. This can cause accidents of all kinds and lead to serious consequences.

What consequence are in place for a cell phone violation?

If you are caught using a cell phone while driving, you may face a variety of consequences. These violations are considered to be an infraction in the state of New Jersey. The penalties for this violation can include fines ranging in price.

When violators are faced with a first offense, they may face a fine between $200-$400. Those charged with second offenses may be charged with a fine ranging between $400-$600. If violators are charged with a third or subsequent offense, they can face even harsher consequences. The fine can range from $600-$800. Also, it may be possible that you are given three points on your driving record.

If you are convicted of a third or subsequent offense for a cell phone violation, you may face a change in your car insurance. Your insurance premiums may increase due to your violations. In some extreme cases of repeat offenders, judges may suspend your license.

If you have been charged with a cell phone violation while driving, fighting the ticket you are given may be a good option. This may help to avoid fines or any insurance premium changes that can occur. Contact us to consult about your situation.

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