Intellectual Property Rights Summer Campaign

Throughout this month and until the end of July, six airports across the United States (including John F. Kennedy International Airport) will be participating in a campaign called “The Truth Behind Counterfeits.” The initiative, which has been launched by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, aims to bring attention to international travelers to become aware of counterfeit goods and urging them not to purchase these illegal products.

The initiative regarding Intellectual Property Rights aims to provide information to travelers to make them more aware, after the seizing of $1.3 billion in counterfeit goods in 2016 by Customs and Border Protection. Not only do counterfeit products put the American economy and jobs at risk, they also put the safety of consumers at risk. If a consumer unknowingly purchases a counterfeit product, they may face charges regarding funding criminal enterprises. Many people don’t realize that purchasing counterfeit products can support issues such as money laundering, trafficking of illegal guns or drugs, and smuggling. Counterfeit goods may be made in unsanitary conditions, with materials of poor quality, or mislabeled, which can put consumers at risk.

The campaign will display digital advertisements stating “fake goods, real dangers,” to bring attention to the issues at hand. Protecting intellectual property is crucial. If you require the services of an experienced intellectual property attorney who can provide you with assistance, contact our firm today.

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