Patent Infringement Lawsuits May Become More Difficult For Trolls

Patent Infringement Lawsuits May Become More Difficult For Trolls

On May 22, 2017, the United States Supreme Court created a ruling that limits the locations of where patent infringement lawsuits are permitted to be filed. This new provision has the potential to make it more difficult for companies to bring lawsuits regarding patent infringement.

The new ruling states that all patent infringement lawsuits must be filed where the person who is allegedly infringing on the patent is located. Previously, the person filing the lawsuit had a greater say in where the case was filed. This change in ruling comes because so many patent infringement lawsuits were filed in Marshall, Texas, where the court has been notoriously biased in favor of plaintiffs, even though the offenders were not located there. This made an unfair string of patent infringement lawsuits.

The purpose of this change is to limit the number of people who were acting as “patent trolls,” and bringing these lawsuits where they should not have been filed. According to the Washington Post, Delaware has a very high number of companies located there and can expect to see an increase in the number of patent infringement lawsuits. It is also suspected that courts in California will see an increase as well.

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