Amazon sellers and IP laws is a massively popular website for people to get the goods they need quickly. Millions of people peruse the site to save money and get their products within days without having to leave their home or even their couch. It is convenience, to say the least. As Amazon, becomes a powerhouse in selling goods, IP laws come into play in a significant way.

If you are an Amazon seller, your trademark is probably a defining facet of your company. Your trademark is critical to buyers knowing your goods from others. As defined, a trademark is a name, word, sound, symbol, or device used or intended to be used to distinguish the product of one seller from the goods of another. When your trademark is being encroached on by others selling similar products, it is important that you consider taking legal action to protect your company.

Some of the issues that can arise, includes counterfeit products selling under a mark that resembles yours. This can seriously impact your sales, but also can impact your reputation. There are recent, frequent news stories detailing these exact situations. In some scenarios, fake listings have led to confused buyers. These buyers are purchasing counterfeit products under the assumption that the product is yours. When these buyers aren’t happy with the product, they leave bad reviews. When buyers are confused on which listing is which, it can lead to confusion, impacting your business. Other times, the counterfeit products directly cut into the profits you should be making. When these situations are a reality, it is important to consider your options.

If your trademark is at risk and your company is being impacted by another party using your identity to make a profit off your back or otherwise hurt your business, contact our firm.

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