What are the Creative Commons for Intellectual Property?

What are the Creative Commons for Intellectual Property?

Protecting one’s intellectual property is essential. One way that millions of people choose to protect their property is by obtaining a Creative Commons license. As of 2017, there were 1.4 billion licensed works through the Creative Commons, with over 415.1 million of those works shared on the photography website flickr.

When a work has a Creative Commons license on it, people can quickly and easily learn what the owner allows their work to be used for. There are several different types of licenses that an owner can utilize depending on how they wish their product to be used. Here is a description of a few of the license options available to intellectual property owners:

  • Attribution CC BY: as long as a user gives credit to the original work, the user will be able to modify and build upon the work for any type of use
  • Attribution-ShareAlike CC BY-SA: this allows others to make changes to a work as long as they give the owner credit and identically license the updated work
  • Attribution-NoDerivs: This requires a user to credit the owner if they wish to redistribute the work. The work is not to be modified in any way.
  • Attribution-NonCommercial: This allows a user to modify a work but it cannot be in a commercial nature

There are several more creative commons licenses available for intellectual property owners that vary in restrictiveness. If you have questions, contact our firm today.

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