What content is able to acquire a patent?

Patents are available to protect people’s intellectual property. With this protection in place, people’s ideas and concepts can be owned by them. There are a few different patents that can be acquired to prove ownership and provide protection for an individual’s concept. The three types of patents that people can acquire are utility patents, design patents and plant patents. Each patent is specific to the information that is being legalized for that person’s use only.

Design patents and plant patents can be described pretty simply. Design patents protect the aesthetics of a product. Plant patents protect new and unique plants founded or engineered. Utility patents may be a bit harder to describe. When individuals are wondering if they can patent an idea that they have, it usually falls under the utility patent concept. These ideas can include machinery, processes, man-made products, the composition of matter and methods.

How does a patent work?

When a patent is created, it is basically a contract between you as the inventor of the product and the government. With this contract in place, it grants you the property rights for a period of 20 years from the date that the patent application was filed. This term is subject to change. When a patent is granted, it provides protection from the use or abuse of your property by others. If individuals wish to acquire or use your idea, they will have to ask for permission. Your permission must be granted if anyone wants to make, sell or use this concept that is protected by the patent.

Are there other ways to protect my intellectual property?

In order to protect your intellectual property, there are other ways to protect your property. Concepts such as a trademark or copyright can protect your idea from use by others as well. With these concepts in place, it gives you the right to that concept and other people are not able to access it without your expressed permission. To avoid litigation by any means, individuals can use processes such as mediation or arbitration to come to conclusions on topics debating intellectual property.

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