NJ Speeding Ticket Penalties

NJ Speeding Ticket Penalties

It seems as though speeding is more of a commonality on our New Jersey roads than anything else. A lot of the time, drivers don’t even realize they are speeding because they think they’re keeping up with the flow of traffic. However, when the blue lights appear in your rearview mirror, you know you’re in trouble. Speeding tickets can hold serious penalties for drivers but there are options.

The penalties that a driver may face for speeding in New Jersey depend on how many miles per hour over the speed limit you were driving. Though it is rare, you can be pulled over for going as little as 5 miles over the speed limit. There is usually a little bit of leeway for drivers, you generally won’t be pulled over for going any less than 10 miles an hour over the speed limit, but it does happen. Speeding between 1 and 14 miles per hour over the speed limit can result in a 2-point violation on your license. If you are caught speeding 15-30 miles per hour over the speed limit, you will receive a 4-point violation on your license.

The most severe speeding violations you can have are when you are pulled over for going at least 30 miles an hour over the speed limit. If this is the case, you may be issued a ticket for reckless driving as well as a 5 point violation.

Fortunately, New Jersey allows for the plea bargaining of traffic tickets. You may be able to hire an attorney that can assist you in plea bargaining, which, if successful, will lessen the penalties that you may face. This can mean the difference in a rise in your insurance premiums due to points and other fines that you may be subject to, especially if you were given a ticket for reckless driving. If you are facing a speeding ticket, contact an experienced attorney who can assist you in lowering your speeding violation consequences.

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