Uber to Start Patent Purchasing Program

Major ride-sharing company Uber has made the decision to launch a program that would allow patent owners to give Uber the opportunity to buy it. Beginning on April 24, 2017, owners of Intellectual Property have the chance to pitch their patent to Uber. Then, Uber will determine if the patent can advance their business in any way and if they believe it does, they buy it. The patent owners can tell Uber how much they are willing to sell their intellectual property for. Uber can determine whether they believe the price is worth the value of the patent to the company. If you are a patent owner who is considering selling your patent to Uber, it is important not to dwell too long as the patent purchase application process closes on May 23, 2017. Once your application is submitted to Uber, you can expect a final resolution within 4 months.

This opportunity is beneficial for both Uber and intellectual property owners who have a great patent but who do not have the resources to obtain exposure to such a major company. Uber will benefit because they have tons of great ideas coming to them and can weed through to determine which patents could benefit their company in the best possible way. If you have a patent that you believe has the potential to be purchased by a major company such as Uber, you may want to first speak with an intellectual property attorney who can determine whether this may be a good opportunity for you.

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