What are common traffic violations I could face in New Jersey?

What are common traffic violations I could face in New Jersey?

In New Jersey, traffic violations can range from minor to extreme consequences. Traffic violation penalties are no joke and should be taken seriously as they can stay on your record forever. Traffic violations can result in large fines, points, license suspension, or jail time. If you are charged with a traffic violation in New Jersey, don’t hesitate to contact an experienced and determined Bergen County, NJ Traffic Ticket Attorney who can help defend your rights. Our firm is on your side.  

What sort of traffic violations can an individual face in New Jersey?

Traffic violations are moving violations. This type of violation occurs when an individual violates a traffic law while in motion. Traffic violations can have serious penalties.

What are common types of traffic violations?

In New Jersey, there are different penalties for different types of violations. Some violations are more severe than others. Traffic violations may include:


Speeding is a serious traffic violation. The consequences are generally determined by how fast you were going. Below are some of the consequences for exceeding a certain speed limit:

  • exceeding the speed limit by 1-9 miles per hour – $85
    • 2 points
  • exceeding the speed limit by 10-14 miles per hour- $95
    • 2 points
  • exceeding the speed limit by 15-19 miles per hour – $105
    • 4 points
  • exceeding the speed limit by 20-24 miles per hour- $200
    • 4 points
  • exceeding the speed limit by 25-29 miles per hour- $200
    • 4 points
  • exceeding the speed limit by 30-34 miles per hour- $240
    • 5 points
  • exceeding the speed limit by 35-39 miles per hour- $269
    • 5 points

If you surpass these listed speed limits, anything above 39 miles per hour, you will be faced with hefty fines and points. It may even lead to a license suspension if the court finds it reasonable.

Reckless Driving

When an individual drives recklessly they put everyone’s safety at risk. A reckless driver operates a vehicle with no regard for the law. The penalties may vary in severity.


It is illegal to drive while under the influence of illegal substances. If you are driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs, you will have your license suspended. You will also face hefty fines and even jail time. DWI violations are amongst the most serious traffic violations an individual can commit.

Wearing a Seatbelt

Under New Jersey law, all drivers are legally required to wear their seatbelts while operating a motor vehicle. If you allow your child to sit in the passenger seat, you must ensure they are the proper weight and are properly seatbelted. If they are under 80 lbs, you will be fined.

Expired License

In New Jersey, it is illegal to drive with an expired license. if you are caught driving with an expired license you will be fined as well as if you do not have proper registration for the vehicle.

Individuals in New Jersey may be charged with numerous different types of traffic violations. However, our firm of qualified attorneys can represent your interest as well as defend your rights.